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Assembly of Desire

Assembly of desire is a multidisciplinary symposium and festival initiated by desire machine collective extending the project Periferry . The proposed programme will take place in at Majuli island in Assam during 12-15 January 2018.

As a socially engaged project, which is site-specific and event-driven, the project Assembly which is located on the Majuli island will engage with the very processes of living in the space, and attempt to blur the line between art and life. It uses art to affect social dynamics and addresses social relations. It offers an opportunity for complex and exciting mode of cultural production in a local context producing works by collaborations and a community context. The process will emphasize participation, dialogue, and action, and will appear in situations ranging from the performative to activism to urban planning to visual art to ecology. The participants will be sharing techniques and intentions and exploring new methods where process and experience are central.


How to reach

Assembly of Desire will take place on Majuli, the world's largest river island, located in Assam, India.

Majuli can be reached via Jorhat which connects Majuli to the mainland. There are at least two ferry rides to Majuli from Neemati Ghat which is 14 kilometers away from Jorhat town. Ferry rides are available from 7:00 Hours to 15:00 Hours, exact times can be ascertained from the private bus stand at Jorhat, from where buses leave for Neemati Ghat. For the exact location of Assembly of Desire on the island, use the Google Map link.

Jorhat is well connected by air, with daily flights from Guwahati, and four flights a week from Calcutta. If you wish to travel by train, you can get a train from Guwahati to Jorhat. If you wish to travel by bus, Guwahati to Jorhat is a seven-hour bus ride. Buses leave early mornings and at nights.

Other Media

Use the hashtag "#assemblyofdesire" to post the event on Social Media.
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